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Stereo Installation Las Vegas

When most manufacturers build their cars, they don’t always have the quality of the sound system in mind. The vast majority of their customers don’t buy vehicles with audio finesse in mind: they want something reliable, affordable, and safe. However, if you’re an audio-lover, then factory stereo systems can be a little disappointing. The first problem with many factory systems is the lack of ability to import your existing favorite music and audio, especially on older models. Some cars don’t provide you with the ability to connect your phone music to the car’s system, forcing you to go without or use annoying workarounds. The second problem is audio fidelity. Car manufacturers tend to choose cheaper, lower-quality speakers, knowing that the majority of people will put up with poor sound quality. But if you’re the kind of person who cares about this sort of thing, then it can be a real dealbreaker. Poor quality sound is annoying, especially when you're trying to listen to your f