Choose a Bed Liner Based on Long Term Value

Because bed liners cost money, truck owners are often keen to purchase a product with the lowest up-front cost. However, it would be best if you thought of the liner as a long-term investment. Therefore, weigh between the up-front costs and the ROIs in the future. If you opt for a spray-on bed liner, you will increase your truck's resale value by about $100-$300. On the other hand, a rubber mat might ruin the truck's market value if red-rust builds up underneath. Choosing a bed liner that suits your hauling needs can be challenging, considering there are many available products in consumer markets. However, you can hedge your bet of finding quality products by considering Rhino Bed Liners . It not only adds a visually impressive aspect to your truck bed, but it also has a softer feel, which cushions your cargo and knees for a comfortable ride.

What should I know about Custom Exhaust System?

Spending the necessary money to replace something that already comes standard may seem like a pointless endeavor, but there are a number of benefits to having a custom exhaust system added to the vehicle. It can be more efficient, easier to get the parts for, and even look better on the vehicle. Let's take a look at why the exhaust system is so important and why a customized exhaust system may be the best choice for you. How Does an Exhaust System Work? There are four main functions that come with your car exhaust system. These include controlling noise, keeping fumes away from the passengers, improving performance, and making your fuel consumption better. As the vehicle is on, exhaust gases will be collected by the engine through the exhaust manifold. Then it is all funneled through the front pipe and out the catalytic convertor that is responsible for removing toxins. Finally, the gas is pushed through the muffler and it will exit the tail pipe, helping to keep you and your passe

What Type of Custom Exhaust Should I Get?

If you want a new custom exhaust for your vehicle, you need to consider all of the options out there. Here are some of the most important considerations you should make when deciding which type of exhaust will best suit your needs and your vehicle. Fit and Clearance Getting the fit right and ensuring the right level of clearance is achieved is obviously important. If you have a popular vehicle, manufacturers might offer solutions that are customized to your vehicle. You can also have your exhaust pipes custom-bent to fit your vehicle if you want. The pipes have to clear the transmission and driveshaft completely, so pay attention to that. Pipe Sizing The sizing of the pipes is another thing to take into account. And you shouldn’t assume that bigger pipes produce a better performance. You can actually lose exhaust velocity if the pipes are oversized for the tasks at hand. Research the exhaust pipe diameter that’ll be right for your vehicle before reaching a decision, and don’

How To Determine When Your Tires Need To Be Changed

Our tires are a pretty vital part of our driving journeys. That shouldn't be surprising considering they are what move us from A to B. When you think about it, tires are pretty awesome creations, and they're largely to thank for our road safety. Despite that, many vehicle owners neglect the modest tire. Even those who check their engines regularly can go months without a thought here. That's because, despite their importance, tires are a deceptively simple part of our vehicles. And, we lure ourselves into believing that they can take care of themselves. In reality, though, that couldn't be further from the truth. If our tires are to stand any chance at offering the protection we’d like, it’s vital that we keep an eye on them. That means checking them at least once a month, and turning to a company like Capital Customs for quality Las Vegas tires if we notice a problem. The question is, how exactly do you determine when you need new tires in your life? Regular de

The Benefits of Adding Subwoofers to Your Car

When you’re rocking around in your car, you often want to feel like you’re in the most perfect and comfortable situation possible – you are just sat there stationary for an extended period, after all. Whether you’re a car and auto sports fanatic or whether you’re only using it to get from A to B, you’ll want to have your own stamp on it. Perhaps you’ll decorate it a little to suit your personality, or maybe you’ll give it a huge overhaul and make it as though it’s an entirely different motor to the one you first bought. There are a ton of different ways that you can customize and modify your car – from the aesthetics and gadgets to the performance. Lots of people love the idea of having a car that’s perfectly tuned to their driving style, others love the idea of having the flashiest additions. Something that many like to do during their drive is to listen to music. Whilst some find it distracting and they’d rather just have the noise of the engine revving around, a good amount of

Stereo Installation Las Vegas

When most manufacturers build their cars, they don’t always have the quality of the sound system in mind. The vast majority of their customers don’t buy vehicles with audio finesse in mind: they want something reliable, affordable, and safe. However, if you’re an audio-lover, then factory stereo systems can be a little disappointing. The first problem with many factory systems is the lack of ability to import your existing favorite music and audio, especially on older models. Some cars don’t provide you with the ability to connect your phone music to the car’s system, forcing you to go without or use annoying workarounds. The second problem is audio fidelity. Car manufacturers tend to choose cheaper, lower-quality speakers, knowing that the majority of people will put up with poor sound quality. But if you’re the kind of person who cares about this sort of thing, then it can be a real dealbreaker. Poor quality sound is annoying, especially when you're trying to listen to your f

Car Alarms Installation at Capital Customs Las Vegas

Your car is so much more than a means of getting from A to B. It’s an investment; one that will pay dividends with hours of safe, easy and pleasurable travelling for years to come. It’s a prestige product that’s designed to help us travel in luxury and surrounded by beauty, turning heads as we go by. It’s a place in which we can shut ourselves away from our problems and the quotidian challenges of work and domestic responsibility and lose ourselves in the simple pleasure of enjoying the open road ahead of us. It stands to reason, then, that discerning motorists will want to protect their beloved vehicles from the prying hands of thieves and vandals. A good quality car alarm is your best defense against car thieves and malicious vandals. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, defending your car is just the tip of the iceberg. An alarm system can make for a smoother, easier and more seamless driving experience, too! At Capital Customs , we have a great selection of Viper car