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What Type of Custom Exhaust Should I Get?

If you want a new custom exhaust for your vehicle, you need to consider all of the options out there. Here are some of the most important considerations you should make when deciding which type of exhaust will best suit your needs and your vehicle. Fit and Clearance Getting the fit right and ensuring the right level of clearance is achieved is obviously important. If you have a popular vehicle, manufacturers might offer solutions that are customized to your vehicle. You can also have your exhaust pipes custom-bent to fit your vehicle if you want. The pipes have to clear the transmission and driveshaft completely, so pay attention to that. Pipe Sizing The sizing of the pipes is another thing to take into account. And you shouldn’t assume that bigger pipes produce a better performance. You can actually lose exhaust velocity if the pipes are oversized for the tasks at hand. Research the exhaust pipe diameter that’ll be right for your vehicle before reaching a decision, and don’